How to open the NVIDIA Control Panel

Here’s what the NVIDIA Control Panel is used for and how to open it

What is NVIDIA Control Panel?

We are talking about specialized software for managing the settings of the video card. From the name it is clear that the application allows you to configure adapters from Nvidia. In the control panel, you can change both the system parameters of displaying data on the screen, and more specific ones. They relate to 3D graphics in video games and the performance of the adapter in general. This program is often needed to adjust the graphics settings for the best performance on your device.

nvidia control panel

How do I open the NVIDIA Control Panel?

The NVIDIA Control Panel allows you to change and configure the settings for your graphics adapter. It not only has display, application and game control functions, but also provides the best overall graphics utilization. Using the current control panel, you can adjust the monitor colors or enable vertical sync in games.

This article will show you how to open the NVIDIA Control Panel on Windows 10. A situation is often encountered when the current item disappears from the desktop context menu, and users no longer know how to find it. In fact, the control panel application is located on the system drive and can be found and opened directly from Explorer.

Through the desktop

This is the shortest method. Usually, immediately after installing the NVIDIA Control Panel, a corresponding icon appears in the desktop context menu. To find it:

Just right-click on an empty space on the desktop.

Then we look for the desired program and click on it.

Through the Windows Control Panel

The identical menu is added to the general Windows settings. To access it there, we do the following:

Press the Ctrl + R keys at the same time. In the window that opens, enter the word control and click on the OK button. Then go to the “Hardware and Sound” settings section. Inside, under Windows Mobility Center, the NVIDIA Control Panel will appear with the appropriate logo. Click on this section.

Through the taskbar

Another fairly simple method. If the display of icons in the taskbar is not disabled, then you can do this:

Left-click on the arrow in the lower right corner of the screen.

In the window that appears, find the NVIDIA logo and click on it.

NVIDIA Control Panel on Windows 10

If, for some unknown reason, the NVIDIA Control Panel is missing or disappeared, then most likely you will have to reinstall the graphics card drivers. You cannot download the control application separately without the installed driver. It’s worthwhile to figure it out right away, the current settings will become available only after installing or updating the video card drivers on Windows 10 .


Usually, it is enough to select NVIDIA Control Panel from the context menu of the desktop. On the taskbar on the right side, by default, after installing the drivers, an icon is also displayed that allows you to open the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Control Panel

But there are also other ways to launch the NVIDIA graphics card management component. Only after successful installation in users is it possible to open NVIDIA settings directly from the control panel.

After installing the driver, open the classic control panel by running the Control panel command in the Win + R window. Now set Sorting instead of Category to Small icons to see a complete list of all items. Next, in the list of all available items, select the NVIDIA Control Panel application.

In principle, immediately after starting the standard control panel, you can use the search built into it. Searching in the control panel allows you to find any application or setting you want without having to revisit all categories. Just enter NVIDIA in the search box and select NVIDIA Control Panel in the results.

Updated search

Previously, we looked at how to find a file or app on a Windows 10 computer . In the same way, you can find the driver companion application for managing the NVIDIA video card. The user just needs to enter NVIDIA in the search box and select Control Panel in the results. Please note that this method does not work on all versions of the operating system. Sometimes, instead of the desired panel, it only finds the GeForce Experience application.

Users can now download the NVIDIA Control Panel application directly from the Windows 10 Store. Please note that this will only download the application. The driver must already be installed and compatible with the application. If you have lost the NVIDIA Control Panel, but there are no problems with the driver, just go to the Store and download the trusted NVIDIA Control Panel application.