Microsoft Windows 12 Installation and Updates

Microsoft especially highlights the enhancements designed to improve the overall performance of Windows 12. Another area to have optimizations was power. With this version Windows 12 will get more than one battery charge. Microsoft does not give a date for the release of this update, but its name leaves no room for doubt. It will arrive next month and will be installed as a normal update. The simplicity will be such that you do not even need to restart Windows 12. Windows 12 has arrived! Surrounded by expectations, the new version of Microsoft’s operating system is already in full swing. Part of a new company strategy, Windows 12 is being offered for free to anyone using Windows 7 or Windows 10, even if you have a pirated copy of the OS.

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So if the new Windows hasn’t come to you yet, it’s only a matter of time before you can – you can force Windows 12 to install, learn how to do it here. However, a direct upgrade over the operating system you already have on your machine may result in some choking. This can occur for some reasons, such as problems overwriting new system files. Another complication may come from leftovers left over from the now useless version files. Anyway, for all this and more, you may want to do a “clean install” of Windows 12. If this is the case, learn how to do this now if you are using Windows 7 or 10 and also if Windows 12 Preview is installed on your machine.

Process to install windows 12

  1. First of all, back up everything you want to save from the current state of your computer. That means saving (on the web, USB sticks, CDs, DVDs, external discs or anything) any and all files you don’t want to lose. Save everything before you start.
  • Now the next step is to do the normal Windows 12 upgrade. No matter what version you have (7 or 10), you need to upgrade to windows 12 so that after the clean install the system recognizes your security key. Is it possible to do this otherwise? Yes, however, Microsoft recommends upgrading before clean installation to avoid problems. Because Windows recognizes the security key present on the motherboard, this process helps ensure that this information is not lost.
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  • After the previous two steps, which should take some time to complete, continue from here. Now, after your operating system is upgraded to Windows 12, log in to your Microsoft account to access the system itself. Then open the Start menu and click “Settings.” In the window that opens on your screen, click “Update and Security” and then “Activation.” Make a note of the exact name of your version of Windows because it is the one you should download again – after all the security key will only work with an exactly the same version.
  • The next step involves going to the Microsoft website and downloading the Windows 12 installer. Click here to go to the download page, scroll down until you find the options “Download the tool now (32-bit version)” and “Download the tool now (64-bit version)”. Choose the one for your machine and download it. This software will help you create physical media for a clean installation of Windows 12. Remember that this device, which can be a USB stick or a DVD, can also be used to recover Windows in case of a system problem.
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  • Run on your computer the tool downloaded from the Microsoft website. It will display the following screen, where you must select the “Create installation media for another computer” option and then click “Next.”
  • Now choose the features of Windows that you will download. Set the language, version (which you discovered in step 03 of this guide) and also the architecture of your processor (if you are unsure, choose the “Both” option).
  • Choose the type of media to use: You can use an empty USB device with at least 3 GB of total storage space or burn an ISO format image file to a DVD. If you have chosen to burn the ISO file to a DVD, simply choose the location where it will be saved on your machine. If you chose the option that uses a USB stick, plug it into your PC and proceed to the next step.
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  • If you chose the USB flash drive option, the following screen will display the options available on your computer. Select the one that will be used for this purpose and click “Next.”
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  • The helper will start downloading Windows 12 directly to the selected flash drive. At the end of the process, you have a bootable USB that can stick into your computer to clean install the operating system on your machine. During the installation process, be sure to check the custom option to indicate the full format of the partition on which Windows will be installed. This is, in fact, the clean install.

Upgrade from preview version of Windows

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If you use the preview version of Windows, the most advisable for those who wish to do the clean install is to return to Windows 7 or 10 and then repeat the procedure described above. To do this, simply use the Windows installation DVD that came with your computer (or inside your Windows box if you purchased it from a store). Then repeat all the steps described above to install Windows ensuring that the operating system will access the motherboard information correctly, thus checking the security key.