Windows 12 Lite Windows 12 Lite, a product that has not been reported authoritatively anyplace, is a Linux distro dependent on LiteOS that has a Windows 10 backdrop.

Microsoft has its own Windows NT part, in light of which is the most recent Windows 10 working framework. In any case, as fascinating as it might sound, there’s a Windows OS form dependent on Linux part too. Spotted by a Redditor and shared by Liliputing site, there is a ‘Windows 12 Lite’ working framework accessible on the lookout. It has been referenced that Windows 12 Lite, a product that has not been declared authoritatively anyplace, is a Linux distro dependent on LiteOS that has a Windows 10 backdrop.

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From the picture of the flyer shared by the Reddit client and the authority site named, ‘Windows 12 Lite’ is supposed to be for those clients who wish to overhaul from Windows 7. “Light’s 4.8 work area is intended for the individuals who move from Windows 7 with the Lite foundation. You simply add it to your photos then select it as foundation utilizing System settings,” expresses the site.

Likewise referenced in the limited time leaflet is that the working framework boots up in 15 seconds, which is path not as much as Windows 10. It is additionally promoted to be secure, free from ransomware and doesn’t overhaul during work. One of the highlights promoted for ‘Windows 12 Lite’ is that it is liberated from adverts and has a ‘incredible’ support gathering.

Obviously the ‘Windows 12 Lite’ is a long way from anything official and it will be hours before Microsoft strikes a sledge on it for conceivably abusing the brand name/copyright and requests to eliminate it before clients begin downloading and introducing it. Indeed, even the site doesn’t look total and is by and large terrible with old plan and obscure data. So don’t succumb to this and we prescribe you to utilize a certified variant of the working framework.

We’ve kidded once in a while that Microsoft is currently so inundated in the open-source world that they should utilize Linux as their next part. Presently it appears to be some distro engineers did precisely that, delivering Windows 12 Lite into the world. Being sold at PC fairs, and spotted by redditor hexsayeed, Windows 12 Lite is a Linux distro dependent on LiteOS with a Windows 10 backdrop and is being promoted as the ideal programming for Windows 7 clients who need to update.

Promoted as being secure, free from infections and ransomware, and being multiple times quicker than Windows they note that the OS contains no adverts and has an extraordinary help discussion. We speculate Microsoft may have a few words with them in regards to the product delivering with the default Windows 10 backdrop, be that as it may.

Windows 12 Lite’ is not what you think

Microsoft has accepted Linux and open source programming as of late. The organization procured github, transformed its Calculator application into an open source project, added a discretionary Linux terminal to Windows 10, and surprisingly built up its own Linux piece. Be that as it may, you understand what the organization’s most likely not going to do? Delivery once more working framework called Windows 12 that depends on Linux.

That hasn’t halted some free engineers with crummy web composition abilities from doing precisely that however. Redditor hexsayeed recognized a GNU/Linux circulation called Windows 12 Lite at a PC reasonable as of late. The working framework gives off an impression of being a marginally changed form of the Ubuntu-based Linux Lite with a xfce work area climate and a Windows 10 topic to make the OS look more natural for people moving from Microsoft’s working framework.

While the people behind the task pitch it as an option in contrast to Windows which is safer, quicker for sure, and ready to run close by Windows 10 on a similar PC, those things are valid for most Linux-based working frameworks.

What’s diverse here are the conceivably brand name/copyright-disregarding name, work area backdrop, and different components which could give Windows 12 Lite a restricted life expectancy. Likewise, the site is really, repulsively awful. In addition to the fact that it uses 1990s-style website architecture, however on the off chance that there’s a method to really buy this working framework, I can’t discover it anyplace.

In the mean time in case you’re searching for a Linux-based working framework that looks very much like Windows 10, may I recommend Kali Linux. It’s a free and open source distro that last year presented a “Kali Undercover” mode that allows you to change the appearance of the working framework so people who don’t look also carefully could without much of a stretch mix-up it for Windows 10.


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